The Benefits of Using an SEO Copywriter

The Benefits of Using an SEO Copywriter
It’s long been said that ‘content is king’ and in the eyes of the search crawlers, that statement is more relevant now than ever before – and if you need some help getting your website to perform better in the search engines, an SEO copywriter could be the most cost effective option available. The benefit of using a specialist SEO copywriter instead of just a regular content writer is that they know all of the tricks and techniques required to make your content gain authority in the SERPs – which is essential if you want your site to be indexed correctly and found by potential customers or clients.
SEO copywriting isn’t a case of stuffing your content with keywords; in fact, if you do this, you’ll soon notice your ranking positions dropping. A specialist knows that to get your website noticed for the right reasons, it needs to be a finely balanced approach of relevant, informative copy, with a delicate smattering of keywords in all the right places. They’ll also know how to organise your keywords across the various pages on your site to maximise your market reach.
SEO copywriter Vs SEO marketing company
So, with an abundance of major SEO companies around, why choose a freelance copywriter to optimise your website instead of a larger organisation? Well, there are several reasons, but perhaps the most important one for your business is cost.
A large SEO company will generally charge a much higher rate for their services, and they may also be more inclined to try the ‘hard sell’ approach – especially when it comes to trying to get you to sign up for an ongoing, offsite package. While it may definitely be worthwhile creating backlinks to your site after the onsite optimisation has been completed, or undertaking other effective methods to boost your positioning, a large company will almost always try to convince you that you need to invest hundreds, maybe even thousands per month. A freelance copywriter can usually provide these services at a fraction of the cost, using their writing skills to create valuable, shareable content to help increase your site’s authority in an organic, Google-friendly way.
The second reason a freelance writer may be a better option is quality – that’s not to say that a bigger company can’t deliver, but a freelancer will see you as a much bigger and more important part of their professional life. Freelancers rely largely on referrals and repeat custom, so they will practically fall over themselves to please you. Apart from that, a larger company may not even have professional copywriters creating their content, and if they do, they will be under pressure to churn out as much work as they possible can in the shortest timeframe – after all, it’s no secret that big business is all about making big profits.
A freelance copywriter creates quality content
As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the biggest indexing factors for SEO these days is quality. As Google and other search engines have updated their algorithms, the need for websites to have a higher volume of content has grown, and the quality of this content has to be spot on. Although a higher volume of content is needed to rank well, you still need to make sure that every word counts – and repetition is a big ‘no’! Duplicate content is one of the quickest ways to get penalised by the search bots, so you need to make sure that all of the details are relevant, useful to the visitor and not just a repetition of the same information over and over again.
A professional SEO copywriter will also be an expert in research, helping them to take your key messages and create engaging content in an original and unique way. They will find the facts that matter, and craft them into a ‘story’ that tells readers everything they need or want to know.
Ultimately, using a professional copywriter who understands how the search engines work is an invaluable investment into your business; they will create SEO content that hits exactly the right note – this will lead to more hits on your website, more conversions and ensure that your visitors don’t just hit the ‘back’ button!